These are all feature scripts currently in their first draft. When finished, they move to the completed screenplays page.

"I'm only alive right now because the other guy was stupider than me. Please understand that those odds aren't in your favor."

Bungled and Botched

An Original Screenplay by Jack Bennett

A recent college graduate, stricken by the boredom of life in the country, begins to follow an attractive woman who may or may not be inviting him to do so... and then it gets complicated. There are always two kinds of people; the ones playing and the ones being played. But one day every puppeteer is going to look at their own shoulders and see some strings attached...


What's in the fridge?

"She is everything that I've ever looked for in a woman. If she used to date Brandon I'm going to go batshit."

The Mystery of Brandon

An Original Screenplay by Jack Bennett

Now in his 28th year, Sam reflects that his commitment to finding the truth, speaking his mind, and maintaining his individualism has reaped him absolutely no rewards whatsoever. Would his life had been better if he had just spouted platitudes, tried to fit into a recognizable style, and relied on superficial charm... like Brandon? long until it reaches us?

"All the dark houses are side by side. Every day another house empties, and every night the lights are out. It's like a countdown... "

The Block

An Original Screenplay by Jack Bennett

Seneca handed this idea to me. He suggested I could probably come up with a different ending, but the one he gave me is too freaky not to use...

Believe me, it'll keep your lights on.


The Gollie Corsair In Rough Waters

"The Ghost of Shitbeard needs a drink!"


An Original Screenplay by Seneca Haynes and Jack Bennett

When Captain Shitbeard reunites with his crew, they resume their violent plundering of the 16th century... but when they discover just how much the world is changing, the crew of the Gollie Corsair will have to make a choice; quietly live their twilight years with no retribution for a lifetime of indulgence and wanton destruction? Or get drunk and destroy that entire fucking island and everyone on it!!!

Beserker! An epic vulgarity about the kind of pirate that could never show up in a Disney movie.


The Girl In The Mask

"What happens when your only job has always been to be young and have fun... and now you're getting old. "


An Original Screenplay by Jack Bennet

We all have our own ghosts... and when you're stuck in a small town in the middle of nowhere, being haunted is just about all there is to do. Watch out for the masked girl in the backseat.